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Dyson Supersonic

For those who aren’t fans of reading – here is my video review.

Do I realize the price of this blow dryer is $400? I certainly do, as this post is by no means sponsored by Dyson. However to this day it is the very best technology the market can offer. It’s really like an Iphone of a blow dryers, you can continue using your flip phone if you are into retro stuff of course.

Just to mention that after 30 years of experience as a hair stylist with a big variety of hair lengths and textures as well as all kinds of other blow dryers i got to test ( and keep) this Dyson Beast for: speed of drying, weight, noise, air and surface temperatures, air volume, cleaning, cord length and overall appearance and feel.

First of all I’d like to mention that Dyson has invested $71 Million into this groundbreaking technology. An incredible team of more that 100 different engineers worked on this project and they also were sent to a styling school both male and female to ensure they really understand what hairstyling is all about.

Second, the motor is six times smaller than the classic motor—and three times lighter. The motor is small enough (not like in other dryers) to fit in the palm of your hand, yes, they were actually able to place the motor on top of the handle. And i think it’s very valuable for both if you are blow drying your own hair or using it professionally several times a day.

Precise temperature control. The built in tiny thermometer measures air temperature 20 times per second to make sure that the air never gets too hot and protects you from overheating your hair, which means reduced breakage.

Easy to clean filter. When was the last time you cleaned yours btw?

Magnetized attachment allows you to easily switch between attachments, without all the pressing and clicking and / or falling off, wich does get annoying. It’s also designed in such a way that the hot air gets sandwiched between sheets of cold air, so the surfaces will never get hot. You’ll remember this one when trying to touch the hot nozzle again.

Supersonic. Acoustic engineers did their job quite well indeed. You can see it in my Video Review that you can hear me talking with it on, which is quite problematic with other blow dryers.

Cuts blowdrying time in half! And time is money.

* Also comes with a 1 year warranty

You can watch my Video review here