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So you think you are ready to go blonde?

Well let’s see if your hair is:

Before you make the move and commit to blonde  let’s make sure your hair is healthy enough to sustain the bleaching process.

If your hair is already damaged, putting more color on it will only add more damage. If it is damaged, but you still have a strong desire to proceed – ask your stylist to do a test strip of bleach to a small section, see how it’s reacting. After all it’s better to wait and get your hair to a healthier state, then walk around with a fried head.

To those who want to go from black to platinum— that just ain’t realistic, nor is it healthy.  Be patient to reach the perfect shade of blonde with as little damage as possible.

Make sure the salon you are going to is using Olaplex’s No.’s 1 and 2 to pre-color (it is mandatory in mine) and No. 3 should be used at home once or twice a week to continuously nourish your hair and rebuild those damaged bonds. Other deep conditioning masks and treatments should also be used (Sergio, please name one here!)

Toning appointments and color preserving shampoo and conditioner are the key to maintaining vibrant color. Purple shampoo is a Must-have for a blondy, I mean it.

I recommend Fanola No Yellow ( mix with any moisturizing shampoo 1:1)

Good news for virgin hair— no past color jobs or other chemical invasions give us faster color lift, depending on how your hair cooperates, bleaching process is typically smoother and quicker vs previously color treated hair.